The idle race - bbc and beyond

Here are a few install pics and dyno runs. The pictures include early protoypes we made over the 7 years of product development.

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Drop your new lifters into a coffee can or pot filled with engine oil. Some people do this and others don't -- it's a matter of personal preference. Really, you can accomplish the same thing just heavily lubricating them with oil before they go in. Start removing the rocker arms, and make sure to set them aside and keep them in order. Do NOT mix up rocker arms or pushrods, and keep the pushrods oriented with the right side up toward the rocker arm. These parts develop matching wear patterns over time. Mixing them up will exponentially increase component wear and cause clearance problems.

Based on the popular #9137 series pans, the new aluminum wet sump oil pans are very high quality oil pans with billet components. Pro/Cam pairs the pan with the custom oil pump. Rear mounted starter only. An aluminum oil pump is also available.

Associated-Rediffusion was formed by a combination of Associated Newspapers and another combined company - British Electric Traction Company (.) and 'Broadcast Relay Service' who traded under the name 'Rediffusion.'  . was a very successful tram and bus company, believe it or not.  Perhaps not the obvious people to become involved in the early days of television but it seems that as a transport company they were worried that they might be taken into public ownership by the 1946 Labour government.  Therefore they diversified by taking over Rediffusion, whilst allowing that company to continue trading as a separate company.  Their considerable financial resources were to prove crucial in the first year of ITV's activity.

The Idle Race - BBC And BeyondThe Idle Race - BBC And BeyondThe Idle Race - BBC And BeyondThe Idle Race - BBC And Beyond